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Get back on the horse

So to speak.

I haven’t written a new song in months. Well, I’ve written some ridiculous songs with friends because sometimes we joke around and write ridiculous little songs that I don’t put any real effort into, but we have fun. In fact I’ll be releasing a small “EP” of those under the name “The Brigayde,” which is just us, as I said, making ridiculous and mediocre songs. It’s also incredibly offensive, because apparently we’re really offensive people. It’ll include songs about how abortion is awsome, eating the neighbor’s dog, and masturbating into other peoples’ meals. So if any of that sounds offensive to you, I’d say just avoid it all together.

Back to what I was saying though, I haven’t written a real song in quite some time. I think the last one I wrote was Expendable, and that was at some point at the beginning of this year. I’ve spent most of the last year either finishing up Empty Handed or performing at shows, and so new material hasn’t really been coming to me. I’ve written a few songs but scrapped them. The only other stuff I’ve done is write verses for collabs. Which reminds me, I should definitely record those as soon as possible, because I know how it is to be waiting on someone for a collab and they just take forever. I’ve got a couple lined up, one with the New Era Nerds and one with Kaiju. I also have some collabs lined up for Idiot Zoo, but I can deal with those on my own terms since it’s my own release. The other gets priority.

I have really wanted to get back to writing songs though, and it feels like lately everything I write just comes out mediocre. Maybe it’s because I haven’t written in so long, that could easily be the case. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to compare all my writing to what I did for Empty Handed, which makes no sense because the style of Idiot Zoo is way different. In any case, I’m still trying, and I know I’ll figure it out eventually.

I also need to start exercising more. I’ve been steadily working on cutting pop out of my diet, which is going successfully I might add, but I need to really work on losing weight. What does this have to do with rapping? Well, everything. A note to all aspiring rappers: Keep yourselves in shape. The state of your health will impact how well you can rap. Breath control is a very important thing here. That’s why I want to get into shape, so I can not only have better breath control while recording, but be way more energetic without running out of breath on stage. So I’ll have to keep that in mind from now on.

In any case, I’m working on some songs for a short EP with Mattari 2600 that we’ll be releasing soon. Well, I say that but I’m not really sure. In truth we haven’t even started working on it, but the plan is to make it much like we made We’re Working On Stuff, We Swear!, which was just made really quickly in a week to put something out there. The new EP will be called The Rappening, and will hopefully get done within a few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a verse I just wrote today, which is pretty mediocre. I haven’t decided if I’ll actually use it. It’s not really supposed to be fantastic, just a hype verse for a hype song to perform live:

Here it comes, turn it up, and get those fists pumpin’
Didn’t come to stand around, so better get jumpin’
I’m a traveling salesman, and I got raps on clearance
All your friends holding my album like “You’ve GOT to hear this!”
No fear, it’s just a symptom of my occupation
Which is sickness of my ill-mannered tendency for lack of trepidation
Explanation is redundant, but the truth in it’s abundant
Like you could take it lying down or you could take it recumbant
Do you catch my drift? If not I guess my diction came too swift
I guess the intensity of the situation was too heavy to lift
I’ve got cancer of the rhymes, and I think that it’s terminal
The answer of the times is that the rest are so marginal
I’m the standard for greatness, so there’s no chance to compete
You’ll just have to stay and listen until the rants are complete
Because you either came to have a good time, or came to be boring
Here’s a pen for the night, come on, time to write your life story

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